How do I add an indicator to a chart?

To add an indicator to a chart.

In Alveo 1.4.22:

1.  Click "INSERT" in the top menu bar.

2.  Hover over "Indicators".

3.  Select the indicator you would like to place on the presently selected chart.

4.  Make any desired modifications to the indicator in the "UserCode Settings" dialog box.

5.  Click "Ok" at the bottom of the dialog box.

In Alveo 1.5.22:

1. Find the indicator icon on the chart you would like to insert the indicator in.

2. Select the indicator that you would like to insert from the drop-down list.

3. A dialogue box will come up for the indicator you selected; you can adjust any settings if you would like, or just press ok to use the default settings.


*To check your version of Alveo: click on the “Help” button on the top of your platform and select “About” from the bottom of the drop-down menu; you will see a box pop up that states what version you are on.

**Currently, Alveo 1.5.1 is an update that is available, but not mandatory. To update to Alveo 1.5.1 click the “Help” button at the top of your platform and select, “Check for Updates.” Eventually, each platform will be required to update to Alveo 1.5.1.