How do I place a pending order?

A pending order is an order that is not started immediately, but is filled at a specified price in either a buy or sell direction. To set a pending order:

1.  Right click precisely where you would like to set either a buy stop/limit or sell stop/limit.

- If you click above the current price you will be able to set a buy stop or a sell limit order. If you click below the current price you will be able to set a sell stop or buy limit order.

2.  Specify whether you would like to place a buy stop, buy limit, sell stop, or sell limit order by clicking the available options in the dropdown box (these options are preceded by open orange and green circles)

3.  Confirm the other aspects of your order in the "Place Order" dialog box.

4.  Click "Ok" at the bottom of the dialog box.

The order will fill when the price reaches the specified price. Please note that sell orders will fill on the bid price and buy orders will fill on the ask price. For more on this see "What are the bid and ask prices?".

You may also create a pending order when you place a new trade. Simply follow the steps to placing a new trade and specify the price at which you would like the order to fill in the "Limit/Stop Price" bar as well as the type in the "Type" selector box.