How do I set a default quantity, take profit, stop loss, or enabled trailing stop?

Setting defaults for quantity, take profit, stop loss, and trailing stops can make setting up trades more efficient. This is how you do it:

1. Click the "Code" icon in the top menu bar, next the to "File" icon.

2. Select "Variables" from the drop-down menu.

3. In the "Edit global variable" dialogue box that pops up, click "Add" located on the left side.

4. Rename the element that popped up in the table (usually "Variable_1") to the default you would like to set. There is a column above the table that shows exactly how you have to spell the name for the code to work.

5. Set the value

6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Your defaults should appear in all new trades that you open. 

To see a video that will walk you through these steps click here.


*Note: After you set these default variables, pull up an order ticket and double check that they are working. If you don't see the variables working here are some steps to take:

  • Try restarting Alveo
  • Double check the spelling of the variable name - if the name doesn't match exactly the variable won't take effect
  • Double check that the "Value" is in the correct form; for example, the stop loss is measured in pips so a decimal point would be an incorrect form of value.