How do I upload a picture for Beeline?

To add a picture to your Apiary Fund profile:

1.  Sign in to your Apiary Fund account at

2.  Click "settings" just below your username in the top right corner of the site.

3.  Ensure that the "Account" tab is selected at the left and then click the "Choose File" button next to "Upload picture".

4.  Select the photo you would like to use from the "Open" dialog box.

5.  Click "Open" at the bottom of the dialog box.

Your photo should then be uploaded. If after a few minutes your picture does not appear, try changing the size of the photo and then redoing the process.

To resize your picture:

1.  Open your Windows Paint application.

2.  Click the "Paste" dropdown box under the "Home" tab in the "Clipboard" palette.

3.  Click "Paste From".

4.  Select the image you would like as your profile picture from the "Paste From" dialog box.

5.  Click "Open".

6.  Once you see your image in Paint, click "Resize" on the "Home" tab and in the "Image" palette.

7.  Change the horizontal and vertical percentages both to 90 or below and click "OK".

8.  Save the newly resized picture to your hard drive and upload it as your profile picture by following the above instructions.