Trading Education


For new traders, we at the Apiary Fund understand there’s a lot to take in. So much, in fact, that you may find yourself initially disoriented, need direction. Allow me to stress the top three ways you can start taking advantage of the Apiary Fund’s trading education resources:

1. Follow the Curriculum or Beeline to Funding!

We at the Apiary Fund have put a lot of time and effort into making a highly-structured education curriculum. It surprises us to hear when people don’t take full advantage of it. Because people learn at their own pace and in their own way, we’ve designed the courses to keep our students engage! Some sections will be presented as ebooks, and others as video clips and modules. Throw in some accountability in the form of quizzes and you’ve got a very valuable resource at your fingertips. Don’t waste any of it!

2. Attend Live Classes & Discussions

While the live classes and discussions are offered as a purely supplementary resource for your trading education, We'd be lying if we said they weren’t one of the most beneficial aspects of your trading education. There are usually at least a couple discussions and classes per day, all at various levels of difficulty. There are two common mistakes observed in regard to the live trainings, though:

  • You should not feel obligated to attend ALL of them. Remember, these are supplementary to the core Trader Development curriculum, so don't burn yourself out by thinking you need to be at every live event!

  •  Be honest with yourself about your experience level. If you’ve only been trading for three weeks, you probably shouldn’t attend live classes rated Hard. You’re not going to do anybody any good by going to a class that’s completely over your head.

3. Trade!

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want to swim in the deep end someday, you’re going to have to jump in the pool sooner or later. So you might as well get started now! If you’re new to trading, don’t worry–we’ve got your back! We know that the first couple months are usually rough, so our risk managers won’t hold it against you when it comes time to talk about funded accounts. But the risk managers will want to see that you’ve made lots of trades, so use what you’re learning in the trading education and start trading!