What are Apiary Pivots and how do I use them?

Apiary Pivots is an indicator available on the Alveo platform. Apiary Pivots are primarily used to help recognize patterns as well as better analyze support and resistance. A pivot will be placed at a point in the price history where there was a significant change in price over a certain amount of time creating a "pivot" on the chart. 

The default settings on Apiary Pivots are Horizontal Variation: 3, Vertical Variation: 0.08, Pivot WingDing: 117. The Pivot WingDing simply defines which symbol is used at the pivot point. The Horizontal and Vertical Variations can be modified to show more or fewer pivots on the chart, or in other words, make the indicator tighter and more specific or more loose and general. The higher you make these two values the more general the indicator will become (less pivots will be placed on the chart) and the lower these values are the more specific the indicator will become (more pivots will be placed on the chart).

Making these changes is simple

1.  Right click on the chart where the indicator is found.

2.  Select "Indicators" from the dropdown box.

3.  Select "Apiary Pivots" from the list in the left area of the "Indicator List" dialog box. The highlighted indicator is the indicator whose settings are displayed in the right area of the same dialog box.

4.  You can then proceed to make the desired changes by adjusting the numbers in their respective quantity bars next to "Horizontal Variations", "Vertical Variation", and "Pivot WingDing".

5.  Click "Ok" at the bottom of the dialog box.

Note that numbers may be difficult to see as they are black on a grey background.

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