What is TIF and how do I use it?

TIF stands for 'Time in Force,' which refers to the amount of time that you want your order to stay open before the platform automatically closes it. 

To set a TIF:

1.  Start a new order by clicking "New Order" in the upper right corner of Alveo.

2.  Ensure you have changed the type to either a limit or stop order by clicking the drop down box next to "Type:" in the "Place Order" dialog box (TIF can only be specified on a pending order).

3.  The "TIF:" drop down box will appear, click the drop down box to choose whether you want Day, GTC, or GTD as your closure time. This is what each option means:

Day: Your order will close at midnight GMT (the time displayed on Alveo).

GTC: Good till closure. Your order will remain open until you manually close it.

GTD: Good till date. Your order will remain open until the date and time that you specify (the "Expiration Date:" drop down box will appear after choosing GTD, click the drop-down arrow to choose the date on the calendar and then the time just below the calendar).

4.  Once you have specified all the required information, click "Ok" and your pending order will be placed.

To modify the TIF simply modify the order as you would normally and use the above instructions to change the TIF as you would like.